Sports Sand

A playing surface will depend upon the sand used in its construction and maintenance to ensure the longevity, appearance and performance of a playing surface .

UMS supply a wise range of high performance calibrated sands, specially designed to meet the specific requirements of surfaces for different sports.

Coarse infill sands are a range of calibrated sands that are used to fill and stabilise artificial turf surfaces, including fields like football pitches. The sand weighs down the carpet, prolongs the life of the synthetic pitch and helps to create high performance and durable pitches. It is an essential component of the turf system and helps to provide drainage, support, cushioning and proper ball roll on the field.

Natural grass pitches can benefit from highly produced calibrated sand that help to ensure pitches always perform at the highest level. Sands can be mixed with peat or soil or even zeolite and bentonite.
Golf sands are carefully washed and graded to ensure the quality and consistency year round of pristine greens, fairways, tees and bunkers.

UMS has access to a vast technical support network and can work with you to ensure we can meet your specific requirements of surfaces for different sports.

Our Products

Sports Sand

Size Range: 0.25mm – 0.71mm
SiO2: >96%
Grain Shape: Sub Rounded
Grain Shape Sphericity: Medium

Sports Sand (Infill)

Size Range: 0.315mm – 1.00mm
SiO2: >98%
Grain Shape: 80% Spherical
Abrasion Resistance: >25%


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